Raspberry Pi Mini Rover Using an Xbox Wireless Controller and .Net Core 3.1

How to use Bluetooth, WiFi, and Software for driving a mini rover

Table of Contents

  • Communications Plan
  • Things needed for this project
  • Prep the P
  • Electronics wire up
  • Test the controller
  • Test the motors
  • Socket Server Tutorial
  • Test the motors with the controller
  • Build the mini rover
  • Drive


Communications Plan

Many how to articles on the internet explain how to light up LED lights using a micro controller such as a Raspberry Pi. That is a fun project. The next step in programming micro controllers might be running a motor, either a stepper motor or a DC motor. Inspiration quickly turns to attaching wheels and a chassis to make a mobile robot. I believe the term, robot, is not really accurate for that kind of project. A "micro controller with wheels" would be more accurate. Since there is a programmable micro controller, it is more similar to a computer guided autonomou

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Building and Running VSCode on a RaspberryPi 3

Your mileage may vary

As part of a DIY robotics project I am tinkering with, I recently discovered that it is possible to run Visual Studio Code on a Raspberry Pi 3.  There were a couple of posts about how to write code using .Net Core that can control GPIO pins.  Which is the sort of thing I will need to work with a motor controller.  One approach for that is to use a Windows 10 computer to write and deploy code with VS Code to the Raspberry Pi over Putty or by some other means.  After hearing that VS Code can actually be built on the Raspberry Pi, my thought was, ok, well, why not write the code directly on the device?

This turned out to be more difficult than I had hoped.  My mileage did vary from a few existing how-to posts on the internet.

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