Setup a quick Git repository

How to create a simple Git repository on your local machine

What is Git?

It's a file version control system that helps manage and track changes made to stored files.  Software developers use it primarily. But it can be used to keep track of changes in other scenarios.

Say you have a Word document.  Saving it to disk is a good habit to get into when you are working on a document.  Source control adds another layer of history.  It's like a time machine of sorts.  At the start of the week you can make changes to the document.  Save it and record the changes in Git.  Then make new changes on another day.  After a few days worth of changes stored in source control using Git, you c

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Site upgraded to .Net 5

.Net 5 upgrade complete

Microsoft released .Net 5.0 on Tuesday, November 10th at their .Net Conf 2020 virtual conference.  There were several pre-release versions of .Net 5 that allowed developers to evaluate it and

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Site update on the way

Deploying soon after .Net 5 is released

I've been hard at work on a site update.  It will look better and should have much better response times and readab

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Raspberry Pi Mini Rover Using an Xbox Wireless Controller and .Net Core 3.1

How to use Bluetooth, WiFi, and Software for driving a mini rover

Table of Contents

  • Communications Plan
  • Things needed for this project
  • Prep the P
  • Electronics wire up
  • Test the controller
  • Test the motors
  • Socket Server Tutorial
  • Test the motors with the controller
  • Build the mini rover
  • Drive


Communications Plan

Many how to articles on the internet explain how to light up LED lights using a micro controller such as a Raspberry Pi. That is a fun project. The next step in programming micro controllers might be running a motor, either a stepper motor or a DC motor. Inspiration quickly turns to attaching wheels and a chassis to make a mobile robot. I believe the term, robot, is not really accurate for that kind of project. A "micro controller with wheels" would be more accurate. Since there is a programmable micro controller, it is more similar to a computer guided autonomou

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Site Upgrade Complete

Upgraded from .Net Core 2.2 to .Net Core 3

Well, this site's upgrade from .Net Core 2.2 to .Net Core 3 is finally complete and as you can see deployed into production.  The layout was changed

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Stellarium with a Celestron NexStar 8SE

Using it for the first time during the 2018 Perseid meteor shower

A brief history of my interest in astronomy....

When I was much younger, my parents did their best to get me things for Christmas that might spark an interest in various things.  Music, astronomy, computers, chemistry, and electronics.  STEM stuff, basically.  Many of these kits ended up in the land of forgotten toys.  Which was the early fate of my first telescope.

About 25 years ago, during Summer break before my last year of college, I found myself living in a fairly remote town in Washington and a little bit bored.  With some renewed interest, I decided to get my old telescope out and set it up to see what I could see in the night sky.  I was so amazed at being able to see planets like Saturn and Jupiter and the Horsehead Nebula in Orion's belt.  The scope my parents got me was simple. 

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Shopped for a new Tenor Sax Mouthpiece

Vintage M.C. Gregory 4B 20

I went to Wally's Music today and told them about the mouthpieces I currently use for my tenor sax and what I was looking for.  They quickly pulled a tester Meyer, a metal Otto Link, one other metal mouthpiece, and a vintage mouthpiece from the current stock so that I could try them out.  I went into the sound room and set up my horn and warmed up on my existing Claude Lakey 5*3 Jazz mouthpiece.  That sound in

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One of my favorite quotes

Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.

Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.   ~Berthold Auerbach

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